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Dr. Sanjay G. Asrani, MD, USA

Do you find the Icare easy to use?
I feel that the Icare tonometer is very easy to use and handle and so do my technicians.

Have you found that patients prefer it over other methods of tonometry?
Most patients prefer it because they do not need to get anesthetic eye drops and have realized that their dry eye does not get worse after the eye examination.

Do you find the Icare to correlate well with Goldman?
Yes, as we have shown in the study recently published in Journal of Glaucoma Feb 2011 Other studies have also shown a good correlation.

Have you found that it speeds up patient flow?
If it was used on every patient, I think it would. However, we see so many patients that have need of other tests, that we have not noticed a huge improvement of flow.

Would you recommend the Icare to colleagues?
Absolutely! Icare tonometer is a great instrument.

– See more at: http://icare-usa.com/testimonials/md/#sthash.wSw3MtLz.dpuf


Dr. Jack M. Chapman, Jr., MD, USA

“iCare tonometer is one of the best instruments I have purchased! It is easy to use and accurate. Our patients like it! It can be used over soft contact lenses, it works great with children and is easy to transport.  My techs love it!!!” – See more at: http://icare-usa.com/testimonials/md/#sthash.wSw3MtLz.dpuf


Dr. David Dyer, MD, USA

“I feel that the iCare Tonometer is the best tonometer on the market for a retina practice. My staff prefers it over the Tonopen for ease of use and durability. The patients prefer the iCare Tonometer as it is faster and more comfortable than other contact tonometers. I have not noticed any corneal punctate erosions that we commonly found after applanation with the Tonopen. I am also much more confident that my staff is getting an accurate IOP measurement with the iCare Tonometer. Since buying our first tonometer we quickly purchased more tonometers so that the iCare Tonometer is the only tonometer my staff uses on my patients.”

– See more at: http://icare-usa.com/testimonials/md/#sthash.wSw3MtLz.dpuf



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How iCare Works?

Based on a proven accurate measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary and gentle contact with the cornea. The measurement is barely noticed by the patient and often does not even cause corneal reflex.

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